Microsoft Power Point - The Presentation Software

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Microsoft Power Point is the presentation software.

Whether you're teaching, persuading or explaining, Power Point is the software to use.

You can create and display slides combining text, graphics, sound, photos, media files, and animated special effects.

Then you can turn your work into 35 mm slides, transparencies or printed handouts and present them electronically or interactively on the World Wide Web.

Microsoft Office Suite

With Power Point as part of the Microsoft Office suite, you can blend Microsoft Word documents, Microsoft Excel spreadsheets, and Microsoft Clip distributions into your own Power Point presentation.

Basic Slide

A basic slide contains the following elements:

  • A background - a slide with a design template applied comes with predesigned background graphics, fills, and color schemes which can be modified or scrapped.
  • A Title - each slide has a title and one slide's title will describe the presentation with a subtitle containing information about the audience it was created for.
  • Body text - the content you enter which is usually formatted as a bullet or numbered list.
  • Placeholders - boxes outlined with dotted lines that serve as containers for text and objects like diagrams, tables, photos or media files.
  • Footer - an area at the bottom of the slide to specify your organization name or slide show theme.
  • Date and time - displayed at the bottom of the slide which can be set to update automatically or be deleted.
  • Slide number - displayed at the bottom of the slide which can be moved or deleted.

Four Basic Views

Microsoft Power Point displays slides in any of four basic views:

  • Normal view - is the default view containing a current slide, an Outline tab and a Slides tab.
  • Slide Sorter view - arranges all your slides across and down the screen so that you can see the whole presentation.
  • Slide Show view - lets you preview the show itself by displaying each slide as a full screen.
  • Notes Page view - a subsection of Normal view allowing you to add notes to your slide.

Some of the topics we'll be covering in this section will be:

  • Power Point Slide Show
  • Power Point Presentation
  • Power Point Free Trial
  • Power Point Viewer
  • Power Point Slide Background
  • Power Point Slide Design
  • Power Point Animation
  • Power Point Picture
  • Power Point Music
  • Power Point Remote
  • Power Point Reader
  • Power Point Game
  • Power Point Humor

So you can see Power Point is the presentation software to present to your audience.

Microsoft Power Point is the ultimate tool for presentations for an non expert publisher.

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